Hangers & Shackles

Hangers and Shackles are designed to work in conjunction with long-travel leaf springs. Our Hangers and shackles lower the rear pivot point 1-7/8" and our shackles are extended 2" to correct driveline issues, and give a smoother suspension cycle


  • Laser cut plate and CNC bent
  • Grade 8 hardware included(Hanger sets)
  • Bushings and Sleeves included with Shackles
  • Bolts directly to stock location
  • Fully MIG welded and powdercoated


  • Shackles: $159.99/pair
  • Rear Hangers: $259.99/pair
  • Front Hangers: $259.99/pair





Leaf Springs

Deaver Leaf Springs


A good leaf spring rear suspension starts with the right spring selection. We offer only the finest springs - Deavers. Deaver springs are designed to be used in long-travel applications. All springs are progressive rate, and become stiffer the farther into the travel cycle you go.


We offer springs for the following vehicles:

  • F31 - Ford Ranger Prerunner
  • G50 - Ford Ranger Race
  • C85 - Spring Under Chevy 1500
  • F87 - Spring Over Chevy 1500
  • U182 - Spring Over Chevy 1500

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